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An Effective Way to Remove Ink Stains

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2017-09-30 10:33:41 1188 aogrand
If you have children in primary school, you will encounter the need to write a brush. Children practice writing brush ink to be accidentally stained with clothing. Clothes as long as the black and a piece like this, the dress can wear to work site, or when the cloth, because the ink will penetrate into the fiber, it is difficult to wash out, as at this time, to look down. Well, when you are suffering from the difficult stains, our laundry detergent supply various products for you to choose.

First, use white rice to absorb some of the dirty ink. You can also put white rice in a dirty place, hold it with your hands, and rub it with white rice. The white rice that has sucked the ink is thrown away directly. Then spread the white rice on the dirt of the clothes and drop the glue. Add in laundry detergent. Rub the rice, glue, and laundry detergent with your hands and rub it for a while. Soak the recipe together with dirty laundry and soak in a mixture of detergent and water for half an hour. Use the same tub to wash the ink stains. You'll find ink stains on the washed clothes because the ink has penetrated into the fabric, so turn it over and brush the other side. After rinsing both sides, you can clear the ink.

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