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How to Maintain the Jeans?

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2018-02-03 14:33:16 1403 aogrand
With the changes of The Times, the development of jeans has changed. Fashion has been the main development trend of cowboys. Jeans are the star of the year and never die. Jeans are also increasingly made of fabrics and patterns, such as straight-leg pants that make a woman with thick legs look toned and slim, and leggings can make a fat woman slim, thin and sexy. If you buy a pair of jeans with a heart and a heart, you can always keep the same color. In fact, if you properly wash and maintain the jeans, the jeans will remain the same color and will not deform. As a washing powder supplier, I will introduce you some effective maintenance methods.

The maintenance of jeans:

1. Dark and pure cotton jeans should be cleaned once or twice a week. 2. Light colors: white, khaki, camel... It depends on the spoils. 3. The secret of using a new original (dark blue) jeans to have a second-hand or very old and personal style of natural fading... (1) it is not necessary to clean the water, as long as it bears the smell. (2) when wearing, use the hand rub to contact the surface of the trousers, because of the natural oxidation fading and the effect of slight oil ester in the area where the jeans are in contact with the body.


A few tips:

For the original pair of jeans, the first time you wash them, you can wear them faster when they're dry. For those jeans that have been removed, simply add water from the raw powder and then spray them on the surface of the jeans to harden them. 1. Try to wash jeans as much as possible, preferably without machine washing. 2. When washing, turn the jeans over and wash them, so that you can maintain a beautiful wash. 3. Try not to wring or dry your jeans so that they are prone to change. 4. When washing, the zipper buttons are buttoned up so that the waist and crotch are not easily changed. 5. In order to keep jeans from fading, it is better to separate them from other clothes when washing them. 6. Before washing the jeans in the washing machine, it's better to pull up and pull up, so as to avoid the last deformation and make it worse to wear. 7. If the jeans are dirty, soak them for about 15 minutes before rinsing them with a strong rinse. 8. When you are exposed to the sun, remember to turn your face first, and then use the little hangers that you use to hang your socks and hankies to make the pants tube into a round barrel, because it's quicker to do so. 9. Prevent discoloration on the color jeans washing several times: when new jeans just buy back, can in the salt water bubble last day, so that you can make your jeans, no matter when it seems, the color is like new.



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